5 Hottest Fitness Trends of 2013 (So Far)

Hottest Fitness Trends of 2013 (So Far) Employees get in shape with Reebok CrossFit ONE CrossFit founder and CEO Greg Glassman build his program on the idea that “fit people and strong communities can change the world.” Reebok, Rockport and Adidas are taking this to a new level by offering 4 week CrossFit courses to their employees. Corporations are catching on that healthy, happy people make healthy, happy employees who are more productive at work and take less sick days. If your company isn’t on board yet, there are CrossFit exercises for the rest of us . Hottest Fitness Trends of 2013 (So Far) Soulcycle vs Flywheel vs Kinetic We are living in the renaissance age of spin classes. For upscale spinning, Soulcycle and Flywheel fill the need for (stationary) speed in cities across the country. Soulcycle requires reservations that can only be made on monday, costs around $35 a class, and is one of the most sought-after classes in the country.
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Fitness ball exercises: How-to video collection

You can do many core exercises with a fitness ball. You can also use a fitness ball to improve your flexibility and balance. Here’s a collection of how-to videos to help you get started. Choosing a fitness ball When it comes to fitness balls, size matters. Watch this video for help choosing the right size ball. Video: How to choose a fitness ball Using a fitness ball You can do fitness ball exercises at home or at the gym.
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Reviving An Heirloom Corn That Packs More Flavor and Nutrition

The heirloom corn variety has only eight rows of kernels and hence, its name: New England Eight Row Flint.

The polenta tasted as if he had added butter. It was creamy and flavorful. Diners who have been turned onto it say the flavor is stunningly complex. “It’s kinda crazy,” he says. The taste is coming directly from the corn. Barber says this corn is just one example of what can happen when crops are bred to be flavorful and colorful, not just big. The chef says he hopes this story becomes more than just a foodie fascination with heirlooms because he thinks there’s more at stake here about the way our food is grown.
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Egg nutrition: Get the facts

Egg yolk

Two whole eggs contain 250 milligrams of choline, about half the recommended daily value. Yolks also contain two other nutrients that pregnant women need, including B vitamins, crucial for fetal nervous system and spinal cord development. The other nutrient is iron. Though an egg has only 5 percent daily value of iron, the iron found in eggs is a healthy mix of both sources of ironheme and non-heme. Eating two eggs, then, supplies a pregnant or breast-feeding woman with 10 percent daily value of iron, lowering the chance of developing anemia, something to which pregnant and breast-feeding women are more susceptible.
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Minnesota Nutrition Conference announces 2013 program

The program also includes 13 University of Minnesota research updates, 2 lunchtime research updates by Diamond V Mills, and 1 roundtable discussion with 6 equine industry experts. The Pre-conference Symposium, Fortifying Vitamin KnowledgeAbsolutely Essential!, on the morning of September 17 is sponsored by DSM Nutritional Products. Alltech is sponsoring the Welcome Reception in the evening. As in years past, a compilation of all speaker manuscripts and abstracts as well as sponsor information will be published in the official conference Proceedings. The conference has also been approved for 12 continuing education credits by ARPAS, and the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine has approved 12 credits for the main conference and 6 for the equine only program. Once again, the Minnesota Nutrition Conference promises to be an excellent opportunity for the livestock nutrition industry to come together for learning, professional development and networking. We are very proud to present some of the finest experts in the livestock nutrition field to share the latest research, knowledge and best practices, said Krishona Martinson, PhD, conference co-chair and Equine Extension Specialist for the University of Minnesota. The conference has received outstanding support from industry sponsors this year. Industry support is the lifeblood of the Minnesota Nutrition Conference, and we are very grateful to all our sponsors who help make this conference possible, said John Goihl, conference co-chair and owner of Agri-Nutrition Services, Inc.
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The National Council for Hypnotherapy Responds to Weight Loss Scheme

They would have to lose at least two kilos to be eligible for the rewards, and the three participants who were able to lose the most amount of weight are to be entered into a draw to be in with a chance of winning a gold coin worth $5400. The scheme was put in place following a rapid increase in obesity throughout the Gulf States, with the reason for this thought to be a lack of exercise and diets consisting of fast food. Director General of Dubai Municipality, Hussain Nasser Lootah, announced the scheme and told the BBC that: Ramadan is the most appropriate season to launch such initiatives as it reminds us about many health benefits of reducing weight and encourages us to take strong steps to change our bad lifestyles. The National Council for Hypnotherapy connects members of the general public with professional, skilled hypnotists throughout the UK who are qualified to help with a wide range of issues, including weight loss. A representative for the company said: People often find results with a rewards based system such as this one. Using hypnotherapy as a way of managing weight and achieving weight loss goals has also been found to be effective. Hypnosis can help you understand your reasons for eating and help you to create techniques to manage your weight. Hypnotherapy also helps you to change your habits in the long term, helping you to commit to losing weight. NCH represents over 1800 hypnotherapy professionals within the UK and is committed to ensuring the highest possible professional standards amongst our members.
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Can diet trump exercise in weight loss?

In addition to eating right, Harper promotes Crossfit for core-strengthening moves that include a series of timed physical challenges for the best weight loss results.

But what I always hear from my contestants on the show is, ‘I just want to get skinny.'” In addition to promoting a healthy diet, a big part of his exercise routine includes lunges and other core-strengthening moves to burn enough fat to let the inner six-pack shine through. Harper said the workout is aimed at getting the heart rate up because that’s when people are going to be able to burn fat and when fat is burned off, the abdominal muscles are exposed. FAN OF CROSSFIT He also adheres to the no-frills strength and condition program called Crossfit, which is a series of timed, ever- changing physical challenges that he says are suitable for everyone. NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images In addition to eating right, Harper promotes Crossfit for core-strengthening moves that include a series of timed physical challenges for the best weight loss results. “I’m working with people who are 500 pounds (227 kg) and doing Crossfit on a regular basis,” said Harper, who described the approximately 20-minute workout as well-balanced.
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Tips for greening your skin and hair care regimen

Skin Care Helps Fund AIDS Research

Choose two or three products to replace first. These should be the ones that you use the most often; usually, your body soap, hand soap, shampoo and moisturizer are the most regularly used products. After you have replaced those, move on to things you use less often, like face masks, shaving creams and hair treatments. Do some research: With your favorite old products in hand, check out the Skin Deep Cosmetics Database .
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Along with the charity ride, the company has also introduced the Limited Edition Ultimate Strength Hand Salve, and all net proceeds from its sale, up to $25,000, will benefit amfAR. Formulated for the driest, most active hands, this heavy-duty treatment is a thick, rich formula offering all-day care and protection. The Limited Edition product is in a jumbo-sized tube that contains a blend of botanical oils and natural wax derived from olives that soothes, moisturizes and conditions skin and lets it actually draw and absorb water from the air, for a glovelike protective barrier against moisture loss. This helps protect against and repair the appearance of severe dryness caused by heavy industrial work, manual labor, neglect, or exposure to harsh elements. Its available at the companys freestanding stores, http://www.Kiehls.com/LifeRide , (800) KIEHLS-2 and select retailers.
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Justin Tuck’s health suddenly an issue again for NY Giants ahead of preseason opener vs. Steelers

His coaches said he looked more healthy and vigorous than he had in years, and the 2013 outlook looked promising. RELATED: VACCHIANO: GIANTS BETTER HOPE TUCK HAS SOMETHING LEFT Really nobody saw this coming, Coughlin said. All of a sudden, his back was stiff and tight. Hes doing what he can now to get that thing back to where it should be so he can get back to work. Still, its concerning. The Giants and Tuck downplayed this latest issue, but it is an issue with his back. The younger, stronger, healthier Jason Pierre-Paul tried to play through a back issue last season; now, nobody knows if Pierre-Paul will be ready for the season opener in Dallas after he had back surgery in June. That, of course, makes Tucks presence that much more critical.
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Health Screenings You Need If You’re 50+

Checkup & Vaccinations How often do you need to get one: Once a year. What you should know: An annual checkup is a must. It is often the key to preventing illness or early detection of health concernsit also gives you the chance to talk to your doctor about your weight, lifestyle changes, and what to expect over the next five years. Read 7 Ways to Get the Most From Your Doctor to find out what you should be asking at your checkup.
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